Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes you just have to laugh

So we're over mid way through the season here in Wichita and we're in the playoff race. Our next four games are very critical. We got to win I say 3 out of those next four to be in good shape for a playoff spot. So thats just the quick update on how things are over here in Wichita without too much being said. This past week was pretty crazy, I went to an invite only trial in Tampa, FL to try-out for the Tampa VSI Flames (USL). I was SO excited for as I'm always excited to be playing outdoor as oppose to playing indoor like I'm currently doing. I say it was crazy cause I had a game Friday night in Wichita against Rochester. A game we were "suppose" to win. Instead we lost pretty bad, it wasn't fun... So after losing that game Friday night I went home to rest ended up just staying up all night since I had to catch a flight at 5am Saturday. So on no sleep (not the smartest thing) I headed to the airport with my teammate who also was invited to this invite only trial in Tampa. Just got to my gate just as they were boarding (no surprise). So we got on the plane I caught a quick cat nap on the plane as we connected to Atlanta. From there hopped on our connecting flight to Tampa. Finally get to Tampa at about 11:30AM or so we had to be ready to train at 2pm. So we grabbed some power bars, & red bulls and headed to the fields. We complete our first day of training there, as for my self evaluation of how I did, I felt I did really well and stood out. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I'll be the first to critique myself so I was feeling real confident, plus friends of mine who were at the trial as well continued to compliment me, so everything was cool. I was suppose to stay at a friends house to avoid paying a hotel, luckily my teammate rented a hotel. Turns out my friend lives wayyyyy far away from where I needed to be so I couldn't get to his place. So I crash with my teammate he only asked for $20.00 for the hotel stay & gas. Thank God cause I really don't have money to be wasting like that, I don't make enough. Yeah, people have this assumption because I have nice things I have money. Let me clear that up real quick, I've been blessed with parents who want to give me all they can, I have a brother who doesn't hesitate to give me something if I need it and if I like something he almost always offers to buy it for me. Thank God for family huh? Also I used to make good money in my earlier contracts and is the reason I have other nice annemities I guess you can say. Okay back to what I was saying so I crash at the hotel with him for the night we pass out like at 9pm absolutely exhausted. Next day wake up at 7am and go out for our last day of training. Again I feel I have a great day of playing. At the end of the day I see the coach spoke with a few players one on one, he didn't speak to me. Instead I was spoken to with about 25 other players and we were told we'd be receiving emails in the coming days. I've been around long enough to know that means, they not interested in you. In the coming days I'd get an email we'll cross that later though. So after that my friend and I go chill out for a bit, then we head to the airport he has a flight at 7pm Sunday. My dumb self booked a flight to Chicago Monday morning to meet with the team that day and play a game at 3:30pm. Now remember my friend lived too far, and now my teammate was leaving the city so theres no hotel for me to stay at. I had enough money to get a hotel, but I don't have money + cab to be wasting like that. Sure, I could've called my mom, dad, or brother and said "Hey I have no where to stay, can you guys transfer me some money for a cab, food, and hotel please." I have ZERO doubt they would've snap sent me money, but as much as I have that luxury I hate using it. I'm not the type to leech off my family, they do SO MUCH for me as it is I feel like a burden to them sometimes. Not because they make me feel like that, but just how I feel about it. So I decide I'll sleep at the airport even though my flight didn't leave for about another 16 hours or so. So I lie down on the floor next to an outlet to have my phone charged and rest my head on my traveling bag. As I laid there knowing I failed another trial, not much money to my name, my indoor season not going as I envisioned. I thought damn I should probably be a little depressed, instead I took the latter. As I laid there I kinda just laughed at life. When you can laugh at life, it's truly a euphoric feeling. I laughed at my situation, and just thought hey its okay. You're doing what YOU want, you're chasing YOUR dreams, YOU get PAID to play what you LOVE. Not many people can say that, sure I don't live the best life. Can I live better in Miami with my family? For sure, but I could never comprehend if you have a CHANCE no matter how small it is, to chase your dream why not take that chance? So I continue to, regardless of ALL my failed attempts. Really, like I continue to fall, but I have such an AMAZING support system it keeps me going. I really just want to make it, to be happy but more importantly to give back EVERYTHING AND MORE to my family who's done everything possible for me. So after sleeping and waking up for 16 hours and eating a bagel and a Starbucks frap I finally board my plane to Detroit, from there get my connection flight to Chicago. When I get to Chicago I reach into my wallet and see I have about $75.00 I'm trying to savor every dollar I can. The team can't pick me up from the airport since they all traveled in a coach bus. So I head over to the taxi area and ask how much it costs to get to the hotel where the team was. The cab tells me it'll cost about $65.00....Again I kind of just laugh at the driver and say "Listen man I have $40.00 on me and about $2.00 in quarters could you just take me?" He sort of chuckles back and says yeah, that'll do. I finally got to the hotel, ate my teammates left overs from there dinner yesterday and a cold slice of pepperoni pizza. Again, I paused and laughed with two of my closest friends Kareem, and Edvin at our situation. They're pretty much in the same position I'm in right now at life. So we literally laugh at what I'm doing not showered all day, eating leftovers and a cold slice of pizza. Anyways from there we went to our game in Chicago, and it ended just like the whole weekend was not good. A bad loss to Chicago in a game that we really needed to win. After that hopped on a bus for a 12 hour ride back to Wichita. Finally got back to my house at about 8am Tuesday morning..... So that was a wrap up of my weekend, not the best one you can say. What I'm trying to get at with this post is that regardless of life throws at you be grateful, for your situation can ALWAYS be worse than what it is. And remember to laugh at life sometimes. It's not an easy thing to do, but enjoy life, remember the struggles, for when you do reach success life is gonna taste so much sweeter then. Cheers to your weekend being better than mine, and for the good coming weekends we're gonna have for the rest of the year. God is Good. God Bless


  1. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith. Keep chasing the dream :) I'm not from Budapest, I'm a soccer mom from Wisconsin whose son is a sophomore in high school and is also chasing the dream! Keep blogging and we'll be rooting for Wichita (except for when the play the Wave, 'cause my son has friends on that team)

  2. Thank you for commenting it makes me want to keep blogging, good luck with your sons dream!! God is good! Bless